A Different Court for Harden

On Thursday, August 3rd, 2017, Houston Rockets star James Harden filed a response to the allegations, by Moses Malone Jr., that Harden orchestrated a robbery of Malone last June 2016.

Malone Jr. claims he was attacked last June because of the criticism he posted on Facebook about Harden charging kids for his basketball camp. Four men were charged in connection with the assault, one was an employee of the club where the assault occurred.

The suit against Harden and V Live Vintage Steakhouse alleges that Harden paid a group of men $20,000 to rob Malone Jr. at gunpoint in retaliation for the Facebook post.

Harden’s response last week states that Malone Jr. may have been attacked, but Harden himself had nothing to do with the attack and he is not liable, in any way, for the incident.

It is important to remember that this is not a criminal charge against Harden; instead, it is a civil suit filed by Malone. This means he will have to offer some type of proof that Harden was involved in order to keep the court from dismissing Harden as a defendant. If this case goes to trial, by judge or jury, in order to return a final verdict in favor of Malone Jr., he will have to present a preponderance of evidence in favor of his claims.


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