False Accusation Costs Brantley Millions

Cleveland Brown’s rookie, and former Florida Gator, Caleb Brantley’s battery charge has been dismissed. On April 13, in Gainesville, Florida, Brantley was accused of punching a women in the face after he was shoved by her. However, a security guard from that night has since given a sworn affidavit that Brantley was hit in the face, and he responded by moving the women out of his way, without causing her to fall. The women’s friend has also come forward saying Brantley refused to have any sexual relationship with the women, and this is the reason that she lashed out at Brantley.

Brantley was largely considered a 1st round draft pick in the year’s NFL draft, projected as early as a top 10 pick. However, after the accusations came out he fell all the way to the sixth round before the Cleveland Browns selected him.

If Brantley was selected by the Browns with their 12th pick in the draft he would have been paid close to $14 million. Instead, Brantley was selected with Cleveland’s 185th pick in the NFL draft, which is slotted to be worth around $2.5 million.

Do not be surprised if Brantley is paid more than his slotted value. He is likely going to make the team, unlike many 6th round draft picks. However, Brantley is not going to be paid the same as if he were a 1st round draft pick.

Brantley may attempt to collect the difference in his salary from his accuser. It is unlikely that the women would have $10 million to pay Brantley, if she were to lose in civil court, but Brantley may proceed with a suit to help deter false accusations against other professional athletes in the future.


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