Michael Floyd May Serve Prison Time for DUI

Michael Floyd was arrested last week for driving under the influence (DUI) in Arizona. At the time of arrest he was a starting Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, but since has been waived and picked up by the New England Patriots. Recently, his Blood-Alcohol level (BAC) at the time of arrest has been reported as .217. In Arizona, the law mandates a stricter penalty for a BAC above .15 and an even harsher penalty if your BAC is above .20 when you are behind the wheel.

Floyd was also arrested for a DUI while playing college football at Notre Dame, that time his BAC was .19.

His fate from this arrest will rest with the courts. Arizona law requires a mandatory minimum 45-day prison sentence for anyone who operates a motor vehicle with a BAC above .20. Floyd may also be required to use a smart start breathalyzer every time he attempts to start his vehicle, as well as pay multiple fines which would likely amount to greater than $2,000.

It is doubtful Floyd will get preferential treatment from the courts, but you may see a delayed sentencing that will allow Floyd to serve any time or community service during the offseason.


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  1. TL Brown Law says:

    Why people can’t avoid such vices. Good thing his team won.


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