Manning and HGH-gate

Last night, it was reported that during an undercover independent investigation by Al Jazeera, evidence found that Peyton Manning was involved with HGH use in the NFL. The report specifically stated that Peyton Manning’s wife had received shipments for Peyton’s use. Peyton Manning may have a case of defamation against Al Jazeera if the claim is false.
While Peyton Manning used the term defamation during his interview defending himself, it is still not clear if he will involve lawyers, although he has hired White House press secretary Ari Fleischer to speak on his behalf. If Manning decides he wants to bring a defamation suit against Al Jazeera, it will open up pretrial discovery, during the course of which medical documents would likely be available to each side to determine the validity of the claim. If there is any chance that discovery would allow for incriminating documents to be produced, Manning may not risk filing a suit and instead would continue to fight to protect his image in the public eye.
It will be interesting to see if the NFL decides to have an “independent investigation” similar to the one into Tom Brady and the Deflategate acquisitions.


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  1. Mike says:

    In the Al Jazeera documentary, this very talkative drug dealer to the athletes was traveling cross-country to Texas, unaware he was being recorded when he mentioned Peyton Manning’s name along with others. He seemed to be bragging on all the clients that he had and all the top-level athletes in the NFL and MLB that he and others provide with banned substances like HGH or Delta 2 . He also mentioned several other baseball players and some Green Bay Packers, including Clay Matthews. One baseball player name Teegarden of the Cubs was caught on video seeking to acquire these drugs while talking openly about the banned substance program he is taking. The testing system is pretty easy for any of them to get around. The documentary also seemed to say Dustin Keller, who wowed everyone at the combine in 2008, got his great combine times and his contract with the Jets because of an illegal substance program he was on.

    Most damning to Payton Manning, a doctor in the documentary said there are codes and punishments for prescribing this Delta 2 drug, which the anti-aging clinic supposedly sent to Manning’s wife. He said you would never go to an anti-aging clinic for this kind of drug as Manning did, nor would you have it mailed because with a drug like this, which is not allowed to be prescribed off label, that would constitute drug trafficking. He said it is not only a bad idea to take this drug (except for three specific medical reasons), he said it is illegal unless dispensed through a doctor, clinic or hospital. Mailing the drug directly to a patient or to any individual for any reason is illegal. (Of note, earlier in the documentary, the talkative drug dealer mentioned that many players often have illegal drugs sent to their wives names).

    The doctor added that there are only three reasons for using this drug: 1) Growth hormone deficiency in a child or adult with, a pituitary tumor or surgery or radiation therapy where you would receive the drug from an endocrinologist or his clinic 2) Short bowel syndrome for a patient who’s had bowel removed from a gastroenterology doctor or clinic 3) HIV wasting at an infectious disease clinic or such.


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