Edelman’s Costly Injury

New England Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman suffered a “true Jones fracture” in his left foot during the Week 10 game versus the New York Giants. Edelman’s injury will not only derail the Patriots offense this year, but cost Edelman a significant amount of money as well.

Typically speaking, this type of injury usually takes anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks to recover from – an outlier is the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant who recovered in 6 weeks. Although this would be a best case scenario for Edelman, the Patriots will likely encourage Edelman to make full use of his recovery time as there is no need to rush him back for the end of the season, given playoff standings will be virtually unaffected.

Looking at Edelman’s 2015 contract, he made a base guarantee of $2.25 million dollars, in addition to a $46,875 per game bonus (whole year would be $750,000), meaning that he will lose approximately $328,125 for missing the rest of the regular season. Contractually speaking, he has incentives for up to $500,000, which will likely be impossible to collect in full while missing 7 regular season games. Edelman will still earn some of his incentive bonus as he is compensated per team win, but its unclear if he must be active to collect.

With this injury possibly costing Edelman 7 games this season, it is likely he lose out on close to $700,000 and the ability to help the Patriots remain undefeated. Then again, Edelman will likely collect a hefty playoff bonus and be ready to help the Patriots win another Super Bowl.

Something tells me he cares more about winning than the money.


Sources: Contract Details Picture


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