Tragedy at Oklahoma State

The world of sports is usually a world of fun, excitement, and at times heartbreak because our favorite team loses.  However, time and time again the world of sports has been a powerful tool to help a community move past tragedies. From 911, to the Boston bombing, and Virginia Tech shooting, we have seen the healing power of sports. This past Saturday, at Oklahoma State’s homecoming parade, was meant to be a celebration, instead it turned into a tragedy, when a careless driver plowed into the crowd attending the parade.

The 25-year-old driver killed 4, including a 2-year-old boy. The driver was arrested for a complaint of driving under the influence.  It appears the driver was under the influence of drugs and will be charged with DUI as well as four counts of 2nd degree murder. There are still 4 other people who are in critical condition because of the event. Therefore, the charges and counts may increase. Not to mention the civil suits and claims of wrongful death that may be brought against the driver.

The initial thought was to cancel the game, but Oklahoma State decided to use the game as an avenue of grief and healing for the community. The Cowboys were victorious in their game against the Jayhawks, and while the community is still heavy hearted, perhaps the victory can be a small step forward to recovery.



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