Lamar Odom’s possible legal options

In the wake of Lamar’s “hi” to Khloe Kardashian and signs of recovery, what legal options if any, does Lamar have towards the brothel and its owner? One might say Lamar brought this upon himself and he is the only one to blame. But who are we kidding, our society is far too litigious to think a lawsuit would not arise out of this.

Perhaps Lamar may bring a premise liability suit against the brothel owner Dennis Hof. Lamar clearly would be considered a business invitee. An invitee is a person present on the land for the possessor’s purposes, pursuant an invitation made to the public generally, or relating to the possessor’s business interests. Therefore, Lamar’s invitee status requires Mr. Hof to provide a duty to exercise care in active operations and a duty to warn of known latent dangers.

Now, normally a suit of this nature would take place when a person is injured by a structural problem within the premise. However, Lamar’s counsel could get creative and make an argument that Mr. Hof should have known that Lamar, being a public figure with a history of drug abuse, could have arrived at the ranch with other drugs in his system or in his possession. Therefore, Mr. Hof should not have allowed or even sold the herbal sexual enhancement drugs to Lamar. There are reports that indicate Lamar had up to 10 of the herbal enhancement pills in his possession. Mr. Hof has even admitted on national television that Lamar had done cocaine before he had arrived to the Love Ranch. So, if Mr. Hof knew or had reason to know of Lamar’s drug use before arriving to the ranch or even during his time at the ranch, is that a proper exercise of care during active operations? If it is not, then Mr. Hof may have a legal situation on his hands if Lamar decides to pursue one.


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